All Natural Ingredients to Support  Immune Health
The Highest Potency Available
Activates Immune Cells to Help:
  • Fight Colds, Flu, Unresolved Viruses
  •  Rebuild the Immune System after Chemotherapy & Radiation
  •  Balance Your Immune System to Operate at Peak Performance
What Is BioPro-Plus 500?
BioPro-Plus 500 is the 100% natural immune system supplement, which has no known side-effects or contraindications. This drug-free supplement is not a medication, but an aid in restoring your body’s own natural immune response.

BioPro-Plus 500 is a unique dietary supplement which may help to increase CD4 cell counts. CD4 cells (T-cells) are white blood cells which play a major role in your body’s own natural immune system response. Without adequate CD4 cells, preexisting disease may run rampant in your body and you are even more vulnerable to new infection.

BioPro-Plus 500 contains biologically active purified Thymus Proteins plus Zinc Gluconate and a Nano Silver solution which help to balance your immune system. These Thymus Proteins are bio-identical to the ones your body naturally creates, making them easily absorbed and assimilated into your body. Your immune system will thank you!

Thymus Protein's biggest challenge is bioavailability.
BioPro-Plus 500 has solved the problem!

BioPro-Plus 500 contains a blend of Thymus Proteins which provide your body with the the correct combination to modulate or balance your immune system, as nature intended, without spikes and drops.

Ok, you now know that Thymus Proteins have some seriously impressive health benefits to your immune system. If you've been doing your homework, then you probably also know that most Thymus supplements ALONE are poorly absorbed by the body - making bioavailability a MAJOR issue. Bioavailability is the quantity of a supplement that actually enters your bloodstream so you can reap the health benefits you’re looking for. Without it, you're just wasting your money.
Until now...
We've solved the problem.
Alternative Health Concepts has discovered a unique, holistic system for making Thymus Proteins more bioavailable and bioactive than ever.
Since our bodies produce Thymus Proteins, delivering it with the same molecular structure is what makes it fully bioavailable and bioactive to your body, giving you access to all of the health benefits of a strong and robust immune system. BioPro-Plus 500 comes in an ultra purified, freeze dried-powder combined with a synergistic zinc gluconate and then reconstituted with a nano-silver solution making it the most bioavailable and bioactive Thymus Proteins you can buy!

Many Health
BioPro-Plus 500 Keeps Your Immune System STRONG & BALANCED!
Just 1 to 3 doses per week is all you need to balance your immune system and puts you back in control of your health.
  •  Promotes Cell Mediated Immune Response
A major function of the immune system is surveillance of the cells of the body to ensure they are not abnormal. Malignant cells, cells infected with viruses, and cells from another animal have protein markers, called antigens, on their outer membrane that act as a signal to the immune system to destroy them. Mutant or cancer cells may occur spontaneously or be induced by certain viruses or chemicals (mutagens). A properly functioning immune system can usually recognize and dispose of such cancer cells by means of a process called cell mediated immune response.
  •  Supports Homeostasis
The immune response contributes to homeostasis by preparing the body to fight off infection and to help the healing process when infection may set in.  BioPro-Plus 500 helps your body return to homeostasis, after surgery or recovering from a viral or bacterial infection.
  •  Improves Healing Time
BioPro-Plus 500 is a synergistic blend of Thymus Proteins, Zinc Gluconate and a Nano-Silver solution that may greatly reduce healing times, after surgery or onset of serious diseases, such as cancer, Hep-C, HIV, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) or the common cold or flu virus.
  •  Greater Sense of Overall Well-Being
When your immune system is operating at peak performance levels diseases cannot exist in our bodies. Because BioPro-Plus 500 is comprised of bio-identical Thymus Proteins that balance your immune system to work at top performance levels you will have a greater feeling of well-being. 
  •  Improves Energy Levels
Science has proven that our immune systems don’t only help keep us from getting sick, but it also directly affects our energy levels. A properly balanced immune system means that all of our organs and systems within our bodies function better. And that means energy levels like you had in your twenties. Many customers using BioPro-Plus 500 report that they feel more energetic then they have felt in years!
  •  Supports A Balanced Immune System
BioPro-Plus 500 has multiple fully intact thymus molecules, which boost and suppress our immune cells, to completely balance our immune system as nature intended. Our brilliantly designed immune system has different types of white blood cells that fight off intruders like bacteria and viruses. When these cells get out of balance our immune system stops working effectively, and we get sick. The thymus molecules in BioPro-Plus 500 are what program the immune cells and bring our immune system into balance so we stay healthy and happy!
 All Natural Ingredients for Best Bioavailability
  •  The Most Balanced Thymus Proteins
Through a gentle biological process, the thymus protein molecules varying from 10,000 to 50,000 Daltons in BioPro-Plus 500 are derived from Certified BSE free, bovine thymus cells, and then ultra purified as intact bio-molecules which have maximum biological activity and bioavailability.
  •  Infection-fighting Zinc
Zinc gluconate has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus, and enhances the immune response. 

  •  Most Absorbable Silver Solution
Through a new manufacturing technology, patented under multiple patents, our advanced nano-silver solution has become the new standard by which all other silver products are measured. This new generation of silver solution kills pathogens on contact and works synergistically with the Thymus Proteins to create a one, two punch to destroy any invading pathogen.
  •  Balances Immune System
  •  Promotes Cell Mediated Immune Response
  •  Enhances Healing Time
  •  Promotes Overall Well-Being
  •  Supports Homeostasis In Your Body
  •  Improves Energy Levels
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- WITHOUT Damaging Side Effects
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Our Philosophy...
The Company
Here at Alternative Health Concepts, we are directly involved in the processes from research and development, to QC  of the BioPro-Plus line of products. We too are aware of all the scams and tainted ingredients that are out there in the supplement industry. With our experience and knowledge, our goal is to bring the highest quality product to the public that will help make the world a better place. Our pledge to you is that you will not find a better product on the market that will balance your immune system and help you feel your best, we guarantee it or your money back!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Do I Need Thymus Proteins?
The unfortunate way that our bodies were designed, is that our Thymus Gland produces Thymic Proteins while we are young and, after puberty, this gland begins to atrophy. By the time we are over the age of 40, the Thymus Gland stops producing them all together. This is often the cause of increased susceptibility to sickness and disease in our later years.

Many people fortify their immune systems with Vitamin C, Echinacea, Garlic and many of the other well-known immune system supplements, but these mainly focus on the health of the “killer cells”. These cells perform an essential role but are not very effective without the “seeker cells” first identifying diseased cells.

Thymus Proteins are not found in our food and the Thymus Gland cannot be fortified to continue to produce these proteins in our later years, or after gland damage. Supplementation is the only way to replace them.

How Much BioPro-Plus 500 Do I Need To Take?
There are basically 4 different levels that you should consider and it is up to you to decide which is appropriate for your situation.
Level 1: You are in good health and just want to keep your immune system balanced. One vial set per week may be sufficient. 
Level 2: You enjoy good health and are over 40 years old; you may need to take two vial sets per week, on Monday and Friday for example. Once you are over 40 your thymus gland is secreting little to none of the specific proteins that may help your immune system perform at optimal response levels. 
Level 3: At this level your immune system has been compromised and you are fighting a chronic disease or even a very severe case of flu or bacterial infection and may need more BioPro-Plus 500™ which might help your body’s immune system fight more effectively. If you are at this level you may need to take 3 vial sets per week, for instance, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
Level 4: This level is for anyone who may have a severely compromised immune system either because you are fighting a very serious disease or your immune system has been impacted by protocols that reduce or damage your immune response. At this level, you may need to take one vial set every other day. 
Because each individual is different, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

Why Is BioPro-Plus 500 Different From Other Thymus Supplements?
Thymus supplements have been used to help people and animals build their immune systems for many decades. Many Thymus supplements are nothing more than desiccated thymus gland. What makes BioPro-Plus 500 unique is the synergistic action of the three ingredients as they work hard to balance your immune system. Another big factor that sets BioPro-Plus 500 apart from all other thymus supplements is the potency level of the thymus extract in our supplement. However, the most important difference in BioPro-Plus 500 when compared to ALL other thymus supplements is that we have been able to isolate and extract whole, fully intact molecule chains and then put those molecule chains through an ultra-purification process, to bring to the world one of the most potent and bioavailable thymus supplements available anywhere. BioPro-Plus 500 ingredients are sourced and manufactured  in a cGMP laboratory, in the USA.
What Illnesses Can Thymus Supplements Be Used For?
Any illness that is immune dysfunction related, thymus supplements may help. Thymus supplements have been used and may help your immune system fight many infectious diseases including recurrent respiratory infections, colds, flu, H1N1"swine" flu, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, mononucleosis, herpes and shingles, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), sinusitis, and AIDS/HIV. They can also be used for asthma, hay fever, food allergies, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Other uses include maintaining white cell production in cancer patients treated with radiation or chemotherapy and preventing the effects of aging. BioPro-Plus 500 is the finest thymus supplement available today.
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Refund Policy
Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority
If you are unhappy with BioPro-Plus, simply return it within 90 days of receiving it and we’ll give you a full refund.
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