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BioPro-Plus 500 - 6 Boxes
Benefits of BioPro-Plus 500
  • ​PROMOTES CELL MEDIATED IMMUNE RESPONSE. Helps your body recognize and dispose of mutant cells and antigens.
  • ​SUPPORTS HOMEOSTASIS. BioPro-Plus 500 helps your body return to homeostasis, after surgery or recovering from a viral or bacterial infection.
  • ​ IMPROVES HEALING TIME. BioPro-Plus 500 may greatly reduce healing times, after surgery or onset of serious diseases, such as cancer, Hep-C or the common cold or flu.
  • ​ GREATER SENSE OF OVERALL WELL-BEING. BioPro-Plus helps to balance your immune system to work at top performance levels and give you a greater feeling of well-being. 
  • ​  IMPROVES ENERGY LEVELS. Many customers using BioPro-Plus 500 report that they feel more energetic then they have felt in years!
  • ​  SUPPORTS A BALANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM. The thymus molecules in BioPro-Plus 500 are what program the immune cells and bring our immune system into balance so we stay healthy and happy!
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